We believe in the power of information.

We provide our customers with the methodologies, tools and answers necessary to improve economic and financial results. Our approach is based on the principles of competence, concreteness, timeliness and availability. We love to work together with the company by creating a long-term partnership by supporting the Management in the path of professional growth and in the creation of value.


Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning.

  • Strategic and Industrial Plans
  • Review of the Organizational Model
  • Business Model Reconfiguration
  • Alignment of the organization to the strategy
  • M&A transactions
  • Incentive Systems Implementation

Operational Marginality

Operational Marginality.

  • Product and order costs
  • Product and order marginality
  • Marginality by business lines
  • Hourly/unit production costs
  • Budgeting models
  • Make/buy and investments analysis

Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting.

  • Long-term economic-financial planning
  • Budgeting
  • Periodic reporting
  • Forecasting
  • «Business Crisis» Compliance 
  • «EBA Guidelines» Compliance 

Data Analysis | Power BI

Data Analysis | Power BI.

  • Dynamic analysis of commercial data
  • Dynamic analysis of purchase and inventory
  • Directional dashboards
  • KPI Analysis
  • Company Data sharing
  • Mobile sharing




Since 1997, the improvement of margins, the generation of positive financial flows and the production of strategic information represent daily challenges and results.


Two experiences in multinational companies, several years as a partner in advisory studies, more than 200 projects followed and the continuous search for innovative solutions are the baggage I carry within the VALORA project.


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Strategic Planning.

Entrepreneurs, executives and managers have a responsibility to ensure the future growth and profitability of their organization. They must identify the direction to follow, set goals, determine priorities, quantify growth, build and strengthen key skills and create operational plans that will measurably move the organization to the next level of performance.

Strategic Planning is a process that extracts from the minds of the people who manage the organization their best thoughts on what is happening in the company and on the market and on how to position the organization in consideration of these variables.

We support the Strategic Planning process through consolidated analysis models and frameworks.

Operational Marginality.

Companies often struggle to stay competitive in the changing market environment. Price pressure is unprecedented. It is necessary to have reliable, transparent data and a close alignment between management and processes.

Knowing exactly your cost structure and the margins generated by products, orders, business lines and customers, is the first fundamental step to undertake actions to improve and optimize pricing.

We establish Industrial Accounting and Cost Accounting models aimed at the correct determination of production costs, margins per object of analysis, recharges to be applied to cover indirect costs and the cost of products, services and orders.

On which products do we have a negative margin? What increase in the price list should we apply to cover the growth in general and administrative costs? Is it worth replacing a machine with a new one? With what effects on hourly processing costs and product pricing?


Our approach, based on consolidated frameworks and applied in various industrial sectors, allows us to provide timely answers and to transmit to the Management the know-how necessary to monitor and intervene on product and order costs.

Cost of Product

Determination of the cost of the product, order and service.

Generated Margin

Definition of the margin generated for each product, order and customer.

Cost Optimization

Review of production/service processes and cost reduction.

Pricing Strategy

Realization of budgeting models aimed at preventive control of margins.

Financial Reporting.

The role and responsibilities of the CFO have evolved. Once limited to the finance function alone, the CFO is now, more than ever, a strategic partner responsible for creating value.

Timely and accurate financial reporting, performed by experienced CFOs, helps to indicate the direction of the company and the health of the business in a clear and concise manner.

We support CFOs in the transformation of the financial organization, in defining portfolio strategies, in making important investment and financing decisions and in communicating with internal and external Stakeholders.

The Financial Reporting process requires the presence of fast, reliable and consolidated internal procedures. Timeliness and frequency in the generation of financial reports affect the reaction times of internal and external Stakeholders to changes in revenue, cost and financial sustainability factors.

We define the internal procedures for generating the necessary data and implement the best Reporting models, working alongside the CFOs and Controllers of the client companies.


  • Economic-Patrimonial and Financial Planning in the medium-long term
  • What If Analysis and Stress Test
  • Support for requests for new loans (EBA Guidelines)


  • Economic-Patrimonial and Financial Planning at 12 months
  • Revenue and Cost Responsibility
  • Monthly periodicization and analysis of deviations


  • Economic and balance sheet reclassifications
  • Financial statements and indices
  • Comparisons with previous periods and budgets
  • Historical analysis and benchmarks


  • Projection at 12 months Rolling
  • Calculation DSCR (New Corporate Crisis Code)
  • Periodic review

Data Analysis | Power BI.

The amount of economic and qualitative data available to companies is growing exponentially every day. This asset is not often accompanied by an analytical capacity capable of transforming unstructured data into useful information for setting the strategies that matter.


Readiness for change and speed of reaction are essential requirements to survive in a constantly evolving market. Having the correct information available, at the right time and in the shortest possible time is no longer an option. It is a necessity.


We help companies, through innovative tools and methodologies, to exploit the information assets available to maintain and increase their competitive advantage.

Power BI is Microsoft analytics tool that has changed the way business data is analyzed through powerful visualization methods that allow you to make better decisions in real time. With Power BI, you can eliminate complex dashboards and navigate, view information and collaborate more effectively.


Power BI easily integrates with your existing data sources. Data stored in the cloud can be extracted into a centralized and easy-to-navigate dashboards. No more complicated manual exports and imports.

Control and Profiling

Power BI automates data access at the row level. You can control what and who can access the reports by setting the parameters of what can be viewed. You can finally make data distribution safe and profiled.

Data Culture

Your collaborators work based on data and not opinions. With Power BI reports you can grow a “data culture” in your company with a view to sharing the same information (a usual truth).


We create Power BI solutions for visualizing and aggregating data from multiple sources. With Power BI you will be able to see your data in an intuitive and simple way and you will be able to make quick and conscious decisions.

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[1] Regolamento Europeo 2016/679 del Parlamento Europeo e del Consiglio del 27 aprile 2016, relativo alla protezione delle persone fisiche con riguardo al trattamento dei dati personali (in breve “GDPR”)

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